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Putem vedea de unde si cum au aparut aceste animale care reprezinta zodiacul chinezesc. Una dintre legende ,de altfel si cea mai cunoscuta , spune ca, inainte de a intra in Nirvana, Buddha i. Hr a convocat tot regatul animalelor. Dintr-un motiv sau altul , la chemarea sa au aparut cele 12 animale. Pentru a le rasplati, Buddha a denumit Anii dupa numele fiecarui animal, in ordinea sosirii lor.

Bineanteles ca fiecare animal reprezinta un simbol si mai mult de atat miscarea Qi-ului pamantesc. Aceste cicluri mai sunt denumite si " Cele 12 ramuri pamantesti " fiecare dintre cele 12 animale corespunde unei ramuri pamantesti, sau componente, a 12 unitati de cate,12 ani,12 luni,12 ore. Animalul are un simbol si culorile lui corespunzatoare de unde noi stim anual ce fel de an vine.

Cunoscindu-ne compatibilitatea cu elementul care ne apartine putem afla smai multe despre cum ne alegem culorile c care astfel ele corespund personalitatii noastre si astfel ne putem simti mai bine.

HOROSCOP SĂPTĂMÂNAL Ianuarie pentru zodia Capricorn

Cunoscind Horoscopul chinezesc potrivit caruia fiecare an din viata noastra are un animal simbol. La fiecare12 ani ciclul se repeta insa ele pot avea culori diferite specifice anului respectiv iar aceasta culoare arata carui element ii apartine un an sau altul.

Astfel avem exemple in anii urmatori la care stim ca se repeta o data la 12ani.


May and June are good months for your love relationship. If you are in love, you need to prioritize your love relationship first. You should spend more romantic time with your lover to deepen the relationship. If you are married, then you shouldn't spend too much time on social events. You should reserve enough time for the spouse. You express your respect and appreciation or go on a romantic trip. Social Circle: Since the attractive relationship between Pig and Tiger, your people's relationship is excellent.

You will have a good opportunity to meet new friends. It's easier to find people with similar interests during the day.

Zodiac Chinezesc Pe Ani

Therefore, you should attend more outdoor social activities under the sunshine. That will bring you positive energy and build a healthy and long friendship. Quarrel: The Tiger doesn't get along with people. But Tiger becomes good-tempered when Pig is around. In case that you have an argument, dispute, or lawsuit with someone, then you'd better make peace with the person.

This dispute will hold you for a long time. The result might be a money loss. Health: The Tiger is in the Wood group. It's Male Wood, which is a tall tree. The Pig contains Water and Wood. The Water of Pig makes Tiger healthy and strong. The Tiger also contains Earth. Earth helps tall tree group taller. Therefore, your health is pretty good during the period of Pig.

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It's unfavorable to Earth when Water and Wood are strong. RR ', 'Rutier', 'Una mai dosita? I was born on the cusp.

Sunt la limita dintre zodii. Well, I'm on the cusp.

Pictures made of seeds, beads and semiprecious crystals

Someone behind this has a real zodiac complex. As China plays such an important role in the global economy and geopolitics, the decisions made based on the zodiac and other Chinese traditions end up impacting everyone around the world. Yes, it's written in the stars. It's because you and I are both fire signs and we live on the water.

Born under unlucky stars , both of you you De ce de 12 ori? Horoscop chinezesc tigrul de foc Quick view ,00 lei. Mandarin ducks. Tigru de apa manual. Pictures made of seeds, beads and semiprecious crystals Mastic mirror 62,00 lei. Horoscop Pesti Yin-yang flora made of amber. Angel amber. Twelve apostles, twelve tribes, twelve zodiac signs , twelve months.