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People who run textile shops, factories and other businesses can expect to turn in more revenue. Building contractors and other entrepreneurs can also expect to boost their businesses. Students are expected to pass out in flying colours. You are likely to indulge in charitable acts. On the flip side, you may be down with kidney diseases. Your expenses may shoot up. Be wary of extra marital affairs.

Makeeriyam You are about to get a lift to your career. If you are a student, count on this week to mark your academic milestone. You are likely to finish all your tasks with contagious energy.

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You are likely to remain in good terms with your neighbours. If you are a poet, you can expect your works to bring laurels to you. Trade and commercial activities are expected to pick up. The public sector is also in for a good run. However, be on the side of caution and keep your temper under control. Thiruvathira You have a prosperous period ahead of you.

You are likely to join a force such as army or the police. It is a good time to buy gold or vehicles. The stellar arrangements are favourable to movie directors. Students can expect to pass in flying colours. You may finish all our tasks energetically. Factories may turn in more profits. Trade partnerships can expect a wind in their sails. You may be expected to travel all too frequently.

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Punartham You are on a roll. Your financial stature will improve. If you work with the conservation department, you can expect a lift to your career. You may be delighted to get a pat on the back from influential personalities. Lovebirds can expect to fulfil their promises. You are likely to sell your old vehicle and buy a new one. Men, be wary of tempting affairs.

You may prosper in your trade or professions. You can anticipate a rift in your family. Expatriates have a particularly great year ahead. Pooyam If you have been trying to be appointed as a judge or a revenue officer, the year ahead can work wonders for you. Cooks or other professionals in the gastronomy business can expect a flavourful time too.

Yet the new year will be a demanding one. Hard work is the key to survival. You have to fend of your lethargic mode. You can expect a visit from the storks. If you are into dance or any other art form, awards and recognition may be on your way. You are likely to rub off the others the wrong way with your harsh words. Ayiliam Art entrepreneurs can expect a lift in the new year.

Fame and fortune may multiply for you. Even political leaders have a great time ahead. Your friends may stand by you like a rock. Your opponents will have a run for their money. Your daughters may be source of happiness for you. You may visit great masters to seek guidance. Be wary of indigestion and related diseases. Makam Top government officers can expect to be appointed to key posts such as an ambassador.

Comedians can expect a raise and more fame. Travellers may yearn to go to hills and vales. Poets and story writers may be inspired to write. You can expect the company of sincere friends. You are likely to respect your father and elders. Pooram Government officers can expect a promotion and transfer. Trade and commerce sectors are expected to look up.

Spice merchants are likely to record more revenue in the year ahead. You may be required to travel often. Comedians can expect more stages to perform. You are likely to be blessed with loyal subordinates. Be wary of thefts. Uthram Fame and fortune await you. You can expect success in your pursuit for a better job. If you are a student, you can expect to pass tests in flying colours.

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You can expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Contractors and entrepreneurs can expect higher incomes. If you are a self-employed professionals, you may have to travel for work. Company executives can expect wind in their sails. Even public sector employees have great time ahead. You are likely to buy home appliances. Atham A great year ahead for traders and merchants. Building contractors and other self-employed persons can expect favourable winds in their sails.

Students may perform brilliantly. Newlywed couples can expect a visit from the storks. You are likely to settle disputes related to ancestral properties after amicable talks. You are likely to do good for the others yet you may be prepared to face some blues. Chithira Your lucky stars are shining bright.

You may be in good terms with your mother. You may be expected to stay away from family for some reasons. Writers can expect awards and other recognition. You are stronger physically and mentally. You may be taken ill because of women.

Chothi People who work in the arts sectors can expect a boost to their careers. They can even expect awards.

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  • You are likely to be more charitable in the year ahead. You are likely to record impressive victories. Trade and commerce sectors are expected to pick up. People who trade in meals such as silver can expect excellent returns. You may mingle in friend circles that do not suit you but you can expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Vishakham The new year brings a time of prosperity for your family. Metal merchants, particularly gold and silver sellers, can expect to add sheen to their businesses.

    Building contractors and other self-employed persons can expect to increase their incomes. An altogether great time of financial prosperity. You are also likely to construct a house. Your uncles may face some troubles. It is a particularly great year if you are someone active in the public sector.

    Anizham You are firing on all cylinders.

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    You can expect multiple sources of income yet you may find yourself wanting in confidence. You can expect to perform better with the help of sincere women friends. Your sons may be faced with some tough patches in the immediate future. You may find yourself focusing on your academic career. You are likely to treat your mother affectionately. Thrikketta Government officers can expect improvements in their lives.

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