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So the following quote from "The Princess Diaries" is very true in the case of male Leonines, Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on you'll be traveling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey. The Perfectionists. Ruled by the sun, Leo men see either black or white.

They do not see shades of gray anywhere. Every emotion is dramatic and extreme - be it grief, joy, love, hatred, enthusiasm, or anger. Either you're there or you aren't there. They have very little patience for the "almost there" status quo. And it is this extremism that can be clearly detected in the manner they own people around them - parents, siblings, spouse, friends, their team, and everybody else they consider themselves to be close to.

People belong to them. They do everything in their power to keep these people happy. Indulgence is exhibited to the highest possible extent. You will be loved, attended to, protected from all possible dangers, spoiled with gifts, kept emotionally satiated; however, this comes with a price - the price of being owned. Like their love, their sense of possession is also extreme. You are answerable to them and it is not always vice versa. The King does not answer to anyone, everyone answers to the King. And the slightest sign of rebellion will and most definitely will stir the wrath of the lion.

This is one of the most vital reasons why Leonines end up losing out on a lot of people in their lifetime. No one likes to remain in a cage even if it is made of gold and grandly done up. This also opens them up for attracting parasitic exploiters who live off their money and thrive in reflected glory. Flattery pleases Leo men to no fathomable extent and this often costs him a lot of monetary heartburn.

He falls prey to insincere compliments rather easily and ends up splurging on people who really should be kept away from. The true friends of a Leonine will always know how to be around the man without compromising on their own dignity. Taking Up Challenges. Like the sun, these sun-ruled men believe in making the world go around them. They are steadfast, rock solid. They are exceptionally unwavering when it comes to their beliefs.

Their tenacity is mind-boggling and given their broad outlook and perspective, they usually achieve their goals no matter how challenging. In fact, the more challenging, the better. The King never follows, he initiates. And a Leo man's zest, drive to accomplish, and control over things keep the motivation levels rather hig. Romance Talks. When it comes to romance, a Leo is a Prince Charming incarnate.

He will woo in style that you may have read about in books or watched on the silver screen. Extravagance and sophistication are two words that will surround you throughout the wooing period and afterwards. If their soft, big brown eyes cannot melt your heart, their crazy histrionics just to win your heart surely will. Lions pull out all stops when they are wooing and courting.

Since a lion detests being without a mate, he does everything in his power to make the girl who has caught his eye his as soon as possible. He is the last one who will shirk commitment. He will consider and talk of going the whole nine with the girl he chooses from the day she consents to be his partner. Limited period offers are not his style. If you have ever seen a single Leo man in your life, his dismal appearance will convince you of this fact.

Leo Love Compatibility

But, that doesn't necessarily mean that a lion will choose the next passing female as his mate. A lion only chooses a worthy lioness who lives up to his high standards. She doesn't necessarily have to be pretty like a nymph, but she most definitely has to be presentable and stylish like him.

Since a Leo man is always dressed and groomed well, he expects his mate to turn a few heads when she passes by. She has to be someone who is intelligent, good at listening, patient, well-mannered, social, balanced, sympathetic, and non-judgmental. The thing is that not only does a Leo man seek out these qualities in his mate, any woman who isn't anything like this will suffer greatly around this man. He doesn't mind if you have a mind of your own.

In fact, he won't look at you if you don't, but he will need you to understand and make way for his need to everything that is going on around him and his innate characteristic to control things. He can, like Gemini, go to extremes. When this happens, the Lion loses his otherwise regal ways. He becomes someone who might steal and lie, or he might demand more attention than he deserves. Certainly, just about any home will fall short of the intricately designed palaces of yesteryear. But, the Leo Man still treats his home as a kingdom.

Everyone has a role within the kingdom as well. Leos expect everyone in the household to make the environment orderly and efficient. Leos have a fantastic taste for shortcuts. This creature loves gold colors and accents, but not in a gaudy sense. Even the landscaping must be flawless.

Leo Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Leo

This Sun-ruled creature loves curling up and relaxing near a warm and blazing fire. The Sun Sign of Leo rules over the heart and circulatory processes. For example, the sign rules the inferior vena cava, superior vena cava, aorta, and arteries. But, it also influences the spleen, liver, spinal cord, and the metabolic processes. Later in life, there is greater potential for cardiovascular difficulties. Leos are also prone to experiencing some liver problems as well as problems with vision. As a King, Leos are all about money management, finance, and controlling the almighty dollar.

He knows how to attend to the smallest details when it comes to his cash gold! On the job, they are the best bosses. The Leo Man can lead a team of employees with what seems like little effort on his part. It is as if those he manages have a sincere willingness to be led, and this might have a lot to do with his l charismatic nature. Since Leos love the lavish life, they strive to make a lot of money. Leo Men are quite charitable when they desire. A word of caution, however; Leos, are excellent in a position where they lead, but not so well in positions where they must follow. Leo Men tend to attract a lot of women, so if you are on the chase for a hot-looking Leo, keep in mind the other lionesses that are close at your heels!

How is this accomplished? By standing out from the rest of the pride. Be proud to be who you are and let your confidence serve as a beacon for this attractive creature to catch sight of you. Leo Men love to be entertained and love to entertain as well. Those who are playful, fun, humorous, and ready for a great time are the kind of people that appeal to a Leo male. The Leo male is charismatic and loves attending parties, socializing, and they also love creative activities, the arts, drawing, and an outlet where they can really shine!

Some Leo Men excel in sports as well, and they make great bodybuilders, football players, baseball players, and basketball players. Leos like high energy people and those who are introverted, angry, depressed, or that give off bad vibes are an irritation to the confident, radiant, and shining Leo personality.

The Leo Man loves companionship remember lions are part of a pride , and they do not like being either shunned, ignored, or left alone. If anyone else takes the spotlight away, it proves a sore spot for the Leo Man.

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Leo Men are the considered the Kings of the Astrological Zodiac, but this does not make them condescending or authoritarian in any way. In fact, Leos love to have a great time and enjoy making others happy as well.

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If you have picked a Leo Man as your life partner, then know you have a friend, confidante, and lover you can trust. Leo is the fifth house of the zodiac. You see each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own home, dispersed throughout the astrological universe.

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In the case of Leo men, we see the gifts of pleasure and creativity. If you are Leo man or woman , it is important to know that your sign is somewhat rare. There are more men born under the Leo sign than woman for reasons we do not fully understand. The material has been infused with wisdom from the ancients, using various spirit animals to highlight key traits. At this end of this post, Ive included a poll that asks you to identify your experience with Leo men. First, you need to know that I am not a Leo but instead, a Scorpio.

Leo Personality Traits (Leo Traits and Characteristics)

So you may be wondering what qualifies me to write about Leo? Well, in a nutshell, water signs like Scorpio hold certain abilities that allow us to intuit psycho-spiritual information. If you want to know more about Scorpio and other water signs, click the link below. More: Do Cancer and Scorpio match? Instead, the disclosure is meant as a way of creating transparency so that when material is offered on Leo men — you know it came from a genuine place. Leo is a fixed Fire sign ruled by the sun, which happens to be at the center of our solar system — approximately It is for this reason that Leo men command such power.

Not only is the sun the brightest object in our solar system, it also happens to be the largest celestial body in our star system.

Leo Sign Dates & Traits

Leo men personalities are much like the sun. They are big, bold and naturally attract attention. Unlike other signs who at times struggle with revealing who they are aka water signs , Leo guys have no problem in this area. It is the enormous power of the sun, which the Greeks referred to as Helios , that gives men born under the Leo symbol such magnetism.

And this makes sense when you consider that our sun has one of the biggest magnets known to mankind. As mentioned earlier, Leo is a Fire sign, joining Sagittarius and Aries. By definition, Fire signs are filled with passion, intuition and spontaneity. They also can be impulsive. Leo is also a fixed sign. In a nutshell, fixed signs are generally stable and can be resistant to change. There are only four fixed signs; Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius, respectively.

In scientific terms, this is a period known as the summer solstice. Empowered by sheer energy, Leo men have the ability to hypnotically make others fall in love with them by merely being in their presence. This may seem like hyperbole and over the top but it also happens to be true. And because Leo is a fixed sign that is resistant to change, those born under this Zodiac know exactly what they want.

However, because Leo men crave attention, they also can push boundaries by being overly flirtatious. Leo men, for better or worse, happen to be a very sexual in the physical and spiritual sense. Based on my research and interviews, they make for passionate lovers and enjoy pleasing their partners.